• Perfect Combination of Comfort & Power for Recreational Divers & Snorkelers
  • Mid-Sized B w/3-Channels for Optimal Movement
  • Channels Optimizing Water Flow
  • Center Channel Inverted, Makes Better-Use-of-Glide Stroke
  • Upper & Lower Stabilizers Help Maximize Muscle Energy Conversion
  • Tecraclene Ribs: In Foot Pocket, Improve Fit & Permit Efficient Transmission of Kicking Action
  • Range of Sizes: Accommodate All Requirements, of Women & Younger Divers
  • Manufactured in Tecralene for Superior Performance
  • Rugged, Durable Construction
  • Orthopedic Foot Pocket
  • Foot Pocket Adds Thrust with Less Fatigue
  • ABS Plus Buckles

Mares Avanti X3

$100.00 Regular Price
$89.99Sale Price

    TDS Travel Group 2020