There's no better way to enter the water than with NeoSports XSPAN. Wrap yourself in pure comfort and performance. XSPAN will X-pand your X-Speciation's of comfort, performance, and value in an entry level wetsuit accessory. XSPAN Hi Top Socks provides nearly limitless stretch by combining 2 super elastic fabric laminates with a super soft neoprene rubber. The result is unparalleled performance and comfort in a nylon 2 sock that will stretch your budget as well as your time in the water.

The exclusive XSPAN material is ultra-soft and comfortable to wear, that's why NeoSports uses 100% 5mm XSPAN with 250% 4-way super-stretch foam neoprene rubber in the construction of this great sock. All seams are glued and sewn for strength and durability, and the 5mm socks have a reinforced screened bottom to help provide long life to a traditional high wear area. If your feet get cold when wearing a thicker boot, try using the XSPAN 5mm Hi Top Sock inside your cold-water boot. The layering will provide additional warmth and as a bonus will make donning and doffing your thicker boots a breeze.

Neosport XSpan 5MM Sock

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