Like low profile and streamline, then you're going to love the XS Scuba Bypass Elite Snorkel. Just like an Interstate bypass making your drive less cluttered the Bypass Elite Snorkel and its streamline design makes your dive less cluttered and low profiled. The Bypass Elite's semi-dry top will make snorkeling to and from the dive site a breeze even if waves are splashing water over you the snorkel top will prevent it from entering the breathing tube.

When used when scuba diving, once back on the surface, your snorkel will drain almost dry with the one-way self-draining purge valve. Any residual water will easily drain with a slight blow through the silicone mouthpiece. Great for scuba, as the mouthpiece section will naturally swing away from your face when not in use. A quick release snorkel keeper for easy removal from mask and a replaceable silicone mouthpiece make this one great addition to your gear bag.

XS Scuba Bypass Elite Snorkel

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