Entry Level Classes

The Open Water confined session is where it all begins! Students will learn mastery of all skills necessary to successfully complete their Open Water training dives.

Advanced Class and Beyond

At The Dive Shop, we don't just stop at Open Water Class! A good diver is ALWAYS learning! Check out our full lineup of Advanced Classes and Specialty interests!


The Dive Shop loves to travel! Whether it's local travel to our favorite certification spot of Dutch Springs, Jersey wreck diving, or traveling the world, let The Dive Shop be your guide!

Individualized Equipment Selection

Did you know The Dive Shop can match or beat most online prices? Don't risk buying something you won't like or won't fit YOU properly. Let The Dive Shop outfit you with the proper equipment for YOUR diving needs. Get it right the first time! You won't regret it!

Professional Equipment Service

Here at The Dive Shop, we service everything we sell! Let us complete your yearly checks and equipment overhauls as needed! We keep the service records so you don't have to!

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